HiWire Prompter

HiWire is the premier teleprompting software designed exclusively for touring.​

The freedom to instantly perform any song. Not only in your catalog, but any lyrics available online.

From Manual Operation to Full SMPTE/Timecode Automation and Everything in Between

From the people who brought you ShadowScript teleprompting software.

Working Roadies Trust HiWire Prompter

Backed By Experience

With 20+ years of experience in the concert industry, we know what it takes to prompt for world-class artists. We hiveminded with the prompter operators of top-tier performers to learn which features matter most.


Working on the road is stressful, but your teleprompter software can’t be. Our interface is intuitive, user-friendly, and we offer real-time customer support from fellow working roadies.

Always Improving

In the concert industry, the only constant is change. We are constantly updating and evolving HiWire to meet your (and your artists’) needs.

Why Choose HiWire Prompter?

Remote Prompting Screen

HiWire is well-equipped for Zoom meetings and Google conferences. Our “quarantine screens” make it easy to prompt from home. Use custom screen sizes to stop lateral eye movement and get professional results every time.

If you have questions about HiWire Prompter, please view our FAQ or contact us directly.

HiWire Prompter Interface
HiWire Prompter Interface

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HiWire is a road-tested, artist-approved teleprompter software that gets lyrics and music charts to talent intuitively.

HiWire is as essential to Roadies as their Leatherman and flashlight.