About HiWire Prompter

Roadies usually don't tell A-list artists "This is what you can do."

Usually, an artist will tell you "This is what I want to do. How do you help me achieve this?"

It doesn’t matter how outside the “safe zone” the performers’ demands are – that’s exactly where you come in.  

Over the years I’ve toured with artists who would occasionally pick requests from members of the audience, even cover songs not already in the catalog – so it was really a “battle stations” moment. Other artists would turn a single song in an unrehearsed medley, returning to the initial song at the exact spot.

These real-world scenarios are why we consulted with programmers to figure out “how do we make this process better and faster?”

That’s why HiWire Prompter is the most reliable, reactive teleprompting platform in the industry.  

I produced it myself based on what I learned through a career of live events: from major festivals to keynote speeches to Grammys, Tonys and Super Bowls. Artists count on us, so I created a teleprompting software we could count on.

HWP is a road-worn, battle-tested software that is incredibly intuitive, so you can give your artists the confidence they need, every show, on that “HiWire” of a stage.

Dan Lee

Dan Lee

Dan Lee, creator of HiWire Prompter