How HiWire Prompter Will Save Your Tour Money?

Some artists (and techs) may benefit from gentle reminders. In addition to lyrics, an experienced prompter op can include detailed charts with:

All of this information, plus much more, can be displayed. Every song that doesn’t need another run-through, or a stop and “back to the top”.

EVERY rehearsal, or soundcheck would benefit by providing the above information.

And time is money. 

If you shorten each rehearsal by just 1-2 hours, the money saved by cutting the local crew early makes HWP pay for itself.

Once rehearsals are underway and everyone is comfortable with the material, you can transition to files with less information. Eventually, you can prompt with just song titles and lyrics, or remove the prompter entirely. The prompter acts like a virtual music director until the band can play from memory.

We can train a member of the touring crew on how to set up and operate the teleprompter system.

We can also guide you in buying the right gear for your needs. Benefit from our years of relationships with vendors around the world to put together the right prompter system and avoid excess costs.

Just a few hours of guidance may prevent hours, if not days, of extra work during the tour. No matter what software you use, if you don’t take certain precautions, even small changes may require reformatting every prompter file in the library.

If you know how to use a Mac, it will take you just a few minutes to get completely comfortable with HiWire.

That way, you can focus on preparing for challenges you might face on the road: troubleshooting hardware, cable runs, managing sun glare or stage lighting, and anything else your artist needs.

Together, we can figure out how to unlock your artists’ potential.